Friday, May 8, 2009

One more sleep

Just one more 'sleep' and I will be home with my babies! As a writer, I should be able to put my emotions into words, but I can't.

I've worked such long hours these last two weeks that I haven't really had time to spare on missing them. But now, knowing that by lunch-time tomorrow I am quite literally going to be holding them in my arms, I just cannot wait.

Right now I am doing everything else but the one most important thing, which is working on my novel. In this last week I have only written the grand total of 2,000 words.


  1. Your babies will be looking forward to seeing you, too.

    And that's 2000 more than I've done mine, so well done.

  2. 2k is better than nothing, Romy. And long hours and missing kids really saps the inspiration.