Sunday, May 17, 2009

RNA Conference

With great reluctance I've finally decided that I won't be going to this year's RNA conference in Cumbria. I was really excited about going, especially as I'd planned to couple it with my sister-in-law's birthday party and a visit with my oldest and dearest friend.

But as much as I really want to go, even I have to admit it would be supremely selfish of me to leave my kids for yet another 10 days, having already been away from them twice this year for work.

I keep reminding myself that there will be another conference next year. And my dearest friend will be visiting South Africa in June for the Lions tour, so I won't be missing too much. I will just have to satisfy my curiosity by devouring every blog post I can find by anyone who attends this year's conference (hint, hint).


  1. Sadly, I can't make it this year, either - so I will also be devouring relevant blog posts.

    Here's hoping we'll both get there next year.

  2. Argh, Romy, it's a tough decision eh? Never mind, I'm not going either. :-)

  3. Oh that's a shame Romy. Means I'll have to pay proper attention in the workshops so I can report back ;-)

    Was hoping to meet some of my blog friends but no one seems to be going (sniffs loudly). Here's hoping for a big get together next year instead :-)

  4. Shame Romy! I know you were really looking to going this year! Perhaps we can go together next year. I've decided I will be going next year come hell or high water.

    Hopefully the economic downturn will have made an upward swing for us then! :-)

  5. Me neither, Romy, I wish I could though.

    Unfortunately I can't take the time away from the house as we will (hopefully!) be expecting a delivery of puppies. Also, to be totally honest, I can't justify the money.

    I'm going next year -- we will all have to make a pact :-)

  6. Ah... Romy... you should have come to Perth for the Romance Roadshow this weekend instead. We've a great line-up of tutes and speakers and it's probably actually cheaper for you than the UK!!

  7. Thanks to everyone for the sympathies.

    Rachael - I'll check out your blog to see what you got up to in Perth.

    To everyone else - maybe next year we should have our own meeting / party / pub evening the night before the conference starts.
    Yay! Now I have something to look forward to, I feel really cheered up.

  8. Hey that's a brilliant idea - let's discuss at our next meeting on Sat...