Sunday, June 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

Tonight is the longest night of the winter and from tomorrow we start heading back towards summer. Just as well, as my skin has already had enough of this cold, dry highveld air.

It was also Fathers' Day today so we went out for lunch and enjoyed the lovely winter sunshine sipping Pimms fruit cocktails while the girls ran wild in the playground. A pleasant solstice weekend, yet I'm feeling such guilt in anticipation of going back to the day job tomorrow. Because I did absolutely no writing at all the whole weekend - not even the many crits I've got saved and ready on my computer.

I'm a working mom so guilt is an everyday feature in my life. I can handle this. I've just got to get the guilt working for me! Roll on the new week, and roll on the summer.


  1. Ahhh working mother guilt! Look at it this way, you provide a roof over your kids heads, you feed them, you give them unconditional love. That's all they need.

    Oh and don't worry about my crits okay? Cause I'm rewriting all of them!

  2. I think they hand out guilt at the maternity hospital. All you can do is your best - and they won't appreciate you until they have children of their own and see how hard it is.

    Glad you had a good weekend.


  3. I have a big booming headache this last few days because of guilt/thinking of everything I have to do etc etc. I think Suzanne is right about the baby and guilt theory. I was a selfish self centred minx until I held my eldest for the first time :-)

  4. No no guilt! Would you want your mother to have her dream? Just keep asking yourself that and the guilt will go :) What line are your WIPs targeted to? Congrats on the 49318 words :)

  5. Lacey - I'm targeting HMB Romance. And you're right, if it were my mother I'd be very supportive of her going for her dreams. Great way to look at it!