Friday, July 3, 2009


I'm exhausted.

What do you give up first when you want to be a published writer but need your day job? Sleep! It wouldn't be so bad if only my girls would also sleep for the same 6 hours that I do, but no, between the two of them I'm awake every hour on the hour.

Happily the long hours spent on my novel this past week are paying off. I've received crits and done some editing, finally got over the hurdle of the black moment, and all I have left is 1,300 words in my final chapter and it will be DONE.

My intention is to mail this manuscript off to the RNA before 15th July. Then I plan to take a holiday from writing long enough to catch up on some sleep. Pure bliss! I can hardly wait.

Now if only the weather would warm up, I'd be really happy. It is so freezing cold at the moment. Winter takes South Africa by surprise by winter every year and we suffer for it. Then again, why bother to install central heating for the one month of the year that it is so bitterly cold?


  1. Hey Romy

    If you find out how to do it all.. do let me know! I'm suffering severe lack of sleep at the moment and my writing is suffering big time too :)

    Good luck with your RNA sub!


  2. It's too hot here (30 in Edinburgh yesterday - and we're not used to it, not even in July).

    It's hard to work when you're sleep deprived so double well done for doing so well.