Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A good day

I feel like I actually achieved something yesterday. I critted several chapters for various crit partners and wrote 640 words on my historical short story. The word count may not seem impressive, but it feels so good to be writing something fresh again rather than just editing. I woke up tired this morning but with a smile on my face.

I'm interested to know what your average daily word counts are. Do you manage to write consistently every day, or just on days when the day job, family, other commitments allow it?


  1. I TRY to write consistently every day but it doesn't always happen.

    This week has been a good one. I've written 1k on average Mon, Tues and Wed and tonight have been working hard on a synopsis but it doesn't always flow as well :)

  2. I'm like Rachael I try to write everyday usually I set a daily word count at the start of a set of books (depending on when I want them finished) and I stick to that unless, like lately, chaos comes out to play.

  3. I like to write every day but during school holidays it's just impossible. When I am writing and not editing, I like to write 2000 or a complete scene every day (usually 5 times a week).

    But then factor in 5 kids, 4 dogs and sometimes puppies in the house and to be honest--some days I'm just glad I get to open the word document :-)

  4. Joanne - LOL! You deserve a really special medal of honour for coping with 5 kids and 4 dogs! I don't write much on week-ends because I have 2 kids in the house and no nanny, so I really admire you for managing anything at all!