Monday, August 24, 2009

My manuscript has arrived!

The Playboy Duke's Reluctant Bride has safely arrived with the organiser of the New Writers' Scheme. Whew! What with the deadline just a week away, and postal strikes both here in SA and in the UK, I was starting to get a little nervous.

In the meantime, I've been working on a number of projects: a new 'cute meet' for Date With Destiny, my latest 1920s historical and the synopsis of my next manuscript. All while trying hard not to think about my short story that's sitting with an editor at Wild Rose Press and which I've started to panic about: did I send it to the right line? Should I have targeted Scarlet Rose rather than Vintage Rose? OMG, I need a drink ....


  1. Glad it arrived safely. I've just posted mine off today, so am hoping for a good tail wind and no more postal strikes until it gets there.

  2. Wow talk about pressure! It shows just how much power postal workers have over our stress rating lol. It's great to hear your ms made it! Work baby work and don't panic I'm sure your short story is quite happy right where it is :)

  3. Well done, Romy. It's great you've got so much out there. Crossing fingers for your short story.
    Here's to NTAI eh? :-)

  4. I hope you get some great feedback, Good luck with the story :-)

  5. Good Luck, Romy! I know you'll do great!!
    Kristi (from TRCG)