Thursday, August 13, 2009

RNA submission packed and ready to go

The Playboy Duke's Reluctant Bride is now printed, packaged and sealed into its padded envelope, ready to be sent first thing in the morning. It's such a relief to have it done as I feel like I've edited this manuscript to death. Now I've just got to hope that the South African post office doesn't stuff up and mangle or lose the parcel. There are just 18 days left to the deadline, so I really don't want to find out a week or more from now that it's gone astray!

The timing is just right as I had a job confirm at the office today, so after more than a month sitting around, the day job will be swinging back into action and I need to give it at least a little attention. (Also, I really need the commission!). This is a two day shoot for BP and wouldn't you know it, the shoot overlaps with my planned holiday to Greece. Lucky I haven't confirmed those flights yet!


  1. Well done Romy, hope you get great feedback from the scheme.

    What a pain about your holiday, can you re-schedule it?

  2. Holding thumbs for you Romy! Am sure you'll get a great response from RNA!

  3. Whey hey - great going, Romy. Fingers crossed for great things for your ms. :-)

    Bad luck re. the holiday though. :-(

  4. Good luck, Romy! Hope you get lots of great feedback!

    Holiday to Greece?? How cool! Can you still do it despite BP?

  5. Send that lil baby off! Got my fingers crossed :)

  6. Hey Romy fingers crossed for James the Playboy Duke! I'm sure the ladies at the RNA will love him!

    Amanda Holly