Tuesday, October 27, 2009


In my comments section this morning Amanda Holly mentioned joining me on the euphoria trip of getting stuff on your 'to do' list done. She is so right!

It feels so good to be in the flow of writing again, even if it is just polishing and critting. Each achievement, small as it may be on its own, adds to that feeling of euphoria and you feel so good you want to keep feeding it. So you do more and before you know it, you've ticked all the items on the agenda and have a smile on your face that even the shittiest of days can't erase. Now I just hope this feeling stays with me all through November!

Now come on all of you, flex those writing muscles. Do a little every day and soon you'll be in the flow too and sharing the euphoria. Bring on NaNo!

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  1. Hi Romy,

    I know what you mean about that euphoria feeding us the energy to do a little more each day. If only it was possible to capture in a bottle, we could just drink some each day and get that feeling, right?

    Good luck with NaNo.