Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stray Kittens and Wild Roses

Over the week-end we discovered three gorgeous kittens living in our garden. The mother is a stray who lives at the school across the road, but she probably chose our garden as we're the only house on the block with no dogs. We think they're old enough to be weaning and they're already wild enough to hiss whenever we get too near.

We've decided to try to tame them while they're still young enough, but as I've only ever had domesticated cats before I'd appreciate advice on how to earn their trust. At the moment we're just letting them get used to us being around so they feel less threatened, and we're leaving out milk and food. Any other suggestions?

In writing news, this afternoon I finally sent off my revisions for Let's Misbehave to The Wild Rose Press, so I am now waiting on two submissions (counting the Presents contest as a sub!).
A huge thank you to all my CPs who have helped me get this far - you know who you are!


  1. Romy I hope you're not leaving cow's milk for the kittens, they won't be able to digest it and it could make them ill. Special kitten milk will help them grow. Slow and steady is the only way to win their trust. Visit them often - with food and sit quietly nearby while they veture out to eat it - don't make any unexpected moves or much noise. Be as gentle as you can, occasionally offer them a finger with something tasty on the end of it so they get used to your smell.

    If you can get them all inside together - even into a garage or shed then it will help them be less wild as they grow a bit older but you need to make sure you don't lose them - specially not to lose the mother. Better to leave them where they are than have that happen.

    They should gradually come to recognise you as a source of food and who never hurts them - but it will take time

  2. No advice about the kittens, sorry. Good luck with both them and the revisions!

  3. Kate - thanks for the tips. I'll see if the local vet can supply kitten milk. The mother is still around but she spends a lot of time out and about.

    One of the kittens is getting brave enough to come closer, and I'm sure the others will follow eventually.

    This is also turning out to be a great way to teach my girls patience and how to sit still!

  4. Sounds like great advice from Kate! More than I'd know - never having raised anything from the wild before.

    Fingers crossed on TWRP sub! Hope you hear back from the soon.

    And keep up the fab word counts on NaNo!

  5. Awww that's so cute! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  6. I think when the kittens get bigger and trust you, we need pictures :-)

    I was going to echo what Kate said, real milk very bad for kittens and also puppies. You can usually get milk from large pet shops that is good for weaning kittens. It comes in a tin and you make it up like you would a baby's bottles. Over here, Whiskas used to make cartons of milk you could buy in the supermarket, but don't know if they do now.

    Best of luck with your new babies (you said you almost wished you had a newborn!!) and your subs.

  7. My daughter's cat is half Scottish wildcat and a year on is still as manic as the day we brought her home - so, sorry, no advice on how to tame the kittens. But will keep fingers and toes crossed for your subs.