Saturday, December 19, 2009

Contest Feedback

This will be a very brief post because I've got to be up early tomorrow to be on set for the LG film shoot.

I got personalised feedback from the contest! The editor said she loved the intensity of my voice, my dialogue and my hero, but she also pointed out the weaknesses in my contest entry (namely the cliched setting, and the fact that I committed Sin #6 - see here). So she doesn't want to see more of this manuscript, but she has asked me to send my next partial for her attention. Whoopee, I'm out of the slush pile!

So "The Prince's Secret Mistress" has been filed away in File 13 and now I need to decide whether to re-look "The Playboy Duke's Reluctant Bride" (which I received a luke-warm critique on through the RNA New Writers' Scheme) or whether to hurry up and write something completely new.

A wise friend (thanks, Mandy!) has advised that I take a little holiday from writing until after Christmas, then make my decision. I'm going to do just that.

But right now I'm going to sleep. Good night, all!


  1. Congrats to you on the personalized feedback. That's awesome.

    I tried to find your chapter on the Romantic Whimsy but couldn't. I'd love to read it when you get the chance.


  2. Good on ya Romy! After reading about Maisey's back and forth with an editor, I'm wondering if the rejection I got from wild rose really was a rejection or a fix it and I'll look at it again list. I've emailed the editor again to find out. Wish me luck! The new year beckons, and the minxes will get there!

  3. Fab news, Romy! Really, really well done! I recommend something new but that's just a personal thing. Have a break first eh?

  4. Brilliant. What a lovely xmas present!

  5. Yey huge congrats Romy. That is a wonderful thing!

  6. Romy, the question of whether to work on something new or whether to go with the RNA is a tricky one. It really depends on the feedback, so don't chuck it into the filing cabinet until we've looked at it in the new year.

  7. Oh please say you will post it to the group!!! Please, please.... Pa leeeese!!! :-) Don't make me get on my knees and beg!!! Okay... I will. LOL

    Congrats to you! Well deserved!!!! :-) Enjoy your Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year... as this will be YOUR year to shine!!! I can feeeeeeeel it!!!!

    Lolo Dee

  8. Congratulations, personalised feedback is fabulous! There only seems to have been a few to receive it so you are in a select group. Well done and I'd love to see what you'd wrote!
    I got a form rejection - gutted - but that's life!

  9. My comment seems to have disappeared into the ether. Basically I offered massive congrats. A letter like that is truly worth celebrating. Good luck with whatever you decide to work on next!


  10. Yay, congrats Romy. It's a wonderful feeling isn't it?

    I'll be starting something new in the New Year. Hopefully the baby will be sleeping well enough that I'll get some writing time back.

  11. yay! that's great news, congrats! x