Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Resolutions

I'm not a big fan of New Years' resolutions. They've never really worked for me - probably because I've never really been specific about what I want to achieve and therefore never achieved it.

A recent blog post by Michelle Styles over at Pink Heart Society on creating effective resolutions got me thinking though. Turns out I've been doing all the right things - I just called mine a Five Year Plan. I'm now embarking on Year Three of the plan to publication. Every six months or so I re-evaluate these to make them a little more achievable, but even knowing I trimmed the goals along the way, I'm happy with what I've achieved this past year.

My updated aims in 2009 were to complete the Playboy Duke's Reluctant Bride (check), submit PDRB to the RNA's New Writers' Scheme (check), write a second short story set in the 1920s (check - though I have one chapter yet to complete), enter the Presents Contest (check) and complete an entire novel during Nanowrimo (check). Even the one thing on my list which was outside my power to control (seeing Let's Misbehave published) is on the brink of being checked off.

These are monumental achievements considering writing still has to play second fiddle in my life to the day job and the family, and even more monumental if I look back on where I was this time last year. Last year I had two completed manuscripts and an understanding of how awful they were, and two form rejections under my belt. This year I face the future with a Harlequin editor who wants to work with me and my first publication imminent.

As for 2010? I'm sure these will be amended as the year progresses, but I'm going to take a leap and make this year's aims public:
  1. Enter the South African Essentials / Mills & Boon short story contest (and hopefully final)
  2. Write an entire new story by February and send off a polished partial no later than March.
  3. Polish said story to within an inch of its life, possibly with the help of the NWS.
  4. Write at least one further 1920s short story.
  5. See Let's Misbehave and An Innocent Abroad published.
  6. Write another full-length manuscript between April and November.
  7. Attend the RNA's conference in Greenwich.
  8. Write another 50,000 word novel during Nanowrimo.
That seems do-able. And now that it's out there, in writing, in public, does that mean I'm accountable?

What are your goals for 2010?

Best wishes to everyone for the new year. May this be the year all our dreams come true.


  1. Great goals Romy! Hoping they all come true for you.

  2. All your points are admirable Romy, esp for a girl who doesn't like resolutions ;) Good luck, and keep us posted.

  3. Sounds like you have an awesome year ahead. I hope you live far enough away from the sports stadiums for the SWC not to bother the goodness out of you! :P So far, my only resolution is to find a damn good hibernation spot for June.

  4. Great goals, Romy. I hope you achieve all of them, I'm sure you will as you have tons of determination.

  5. These are great goals, Romy. Also it's great to look back and see how much you've achieved in 2009. We're all on the path to publication, and its good to acknowledge the landmarks as you pass them! All the best for the New Year.

  6. Happy New Year Romy! I hope you achieve all of your goals! It's great to look back and see how far you've come as a writer. Congrats on all your success for 2009 :D

  7. Hmmm ... there's nothing quite like commiting to your goals by writing them down is there? I feel the need to whip out the pen and paper.

    There's a lot for you to be very proud of when you look back at 2009 and I'm sure there will be a lot more where that's come from when you look back at 2010!

    You go girl!

  8. Ah, Goals. They seem like such innocent cute little words strung together. Until they grow and grow into mean taunts sitting on your hard drive or hanging on your wall, mocking you! Yes, I'm bitter, LOL! My goals are forever taunting me, but hey, I am to do better in 2010!


  9. That was "Aim to do better in 2010" btw!