Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A little over a year ago a good friend of mine got some wonderful feedback and a partial request from the Feel the Heat contest. I'll admit, I was envious. She'd got her foot in the door at Richmond. I wasn't so envious a year later when she still hadn't sent in that requested partial. In fact, I threatened to kick her butt for wasting such a great opportunity.

I entered the 2009 Presents contest and also got great feedback. There was no way I was going to let this opportunity slip past in the same way. I had a plan, and you witnessed it here on this blog: I would write a complete new novel by the end of March, have my crit partners look over it in April, and send off that requested partial absolutely no later than May.

Do I need to point out that it's nearly May and I've only just started Chapter Two? I can blame the day job (which deserves a fair share of the blame but sadly not all) but I have to admit the fault is largely mine. I now understand what my friend went through last year. Paralysis. Avoidance. Drowning one's sorrows in a tub of chocolate and pretending everything's okay.

Well it's not okay. I've wasted five good months. No more! From now on I plan to be accountable. I plan to upload a word counter to this blog so the whole world (well Blogland at least) can whip my butt into gear if I start slacking again. This novel will be written. My previous novel will be edited. I will submit!

By the way, can anyone recommend a good word counter widget?


  1. Yayyy, on the "go get 'em" attitude! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get plenty of whip wielding minxes to keep you on the straight and narrow!

    Word widgets - I Googled mine and went from there but I don't have the name of the site now. Blogspot won't let me paste the link, so contact me offsite if you're still in need.

    Happy writing xx

  2. I don't feel so bad now that it took me two months to send my partials to Blaze =) Don't put yourself under unrealistic pressure. Unless you are a full time writer, there will always be something else to do, a fear that will stop you or at least slow you down and time will always go faster than we want it too. Pace yourself and turn in something rocking rather than something rushed...

    I have faith in you! Good luck!

  3. I agree, don't waste time Romy. Get writing!! You squandered some of that time in Mocambique. Anyway after reading your post I decided to join the blogging community and I invite you and your friends to join me - my Blog is called Write-Inn. Maybe you all can give me blogger tips.

  4. Ooo a great idea. I have to admit mine makes me feel guilty so they do work :)

    I did a blog on the choices that were out there last year if that helps? http://laceydevlin.blogspot.com/2009/03/great-depression.html

    Then repeat after me "I'm an amazing writer. I will submit".

  5. Go go Romy. We're rooting for ya.

  6. Hi Romy, I've finished my revisions and am back tomorrow to my new wip - very draft at this stage, but the first 3 chapters done.
    So, I'm a ready minx. In need of a kick too. Lets torture each other into getting back into gear!

  7. Oh gosh, I know exactly how you feel. I got writing mine, full speed ahead wanting to get my sub off before the ed forgot she'd requested a partial from me.

    Then, I decided I was a total fraud and there was no way she'd like anything more from me. School holidays came around and it's been like a huge excuse now for me to not get on with my sub. Fear of failure is horrible.

    We need to kick each other's butt 'minx like' and get our subs out there. To reach our dream, we need to get our hands on the keyboard and get to it!!

    I like your idea of twitter accountability. We sign on and send a message that we are going to start writing. Then you can't *not* write because you know the minxes are watching!

  8. Good luck wth getting motivated, Romy! And if you find a good (free) word counter for your blog please share the code with us. :)