Thursday, April 8, 2010

Killing Time

I've finally sent off my revisions to my editor at The Wild Rose Press. I've submitted two short stories to the local Essentials magazine / Mills & Boon contest. So what's next?

What should be next is my requested partial to Richmond. As the deadline I'd set myself to write a whole new novel has already come and gone, with nothing to show for it, I've now decided to revise the manuscript I subbed to the RNA's New Writers' Scheme last year and send that in ... but I just can't seem to get into that either.

It's as though I have an itch beneath the skin. I can't reach it, but neither can I focus on anything, even at the day job. I'm on edge all the time and accomplishing nothing - unless messing around on Twitter can be counted as an achievement?

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my focus back?


  1. Well done on getting those revisions and subs in, Romy. And, um, maybe just a short break to celebrate?

  2. Good luck with your revisions, Romy! As to the itch...would plotting a new story help?

  3. Reading a book by an adored author almost always does it for me, Romy. It reminds me why I love writing and refocuses me.

  4. I know exactly how you feel - sometimes it's hard to concentrate. Especailly when someone is as busy as you are. But just think about all you have accomplished recently - it all looks very impressive from where I'm sitting.


  5. You need a writing challenge :-)

    That's what I did when I got a bit stuck. Minx Maya and I *met* on Twitter and then wrote for 2 hours. I felt as though I had to get on with writing otherwise I was letting her down. Also, it was nice to think that there was someone else out there who was doing the exact same thing as me. Kind of validated what I was doing.

    IMHO, you need a shiny new idea to start on rather than try to redo something, I think that's so hard.

    Maybe if it's been a while since you've started something new, your imagination needs a kick start. If you need to brainstorm, call on the Minx :-) We could *meet* on Twitter and help you get going.

  6. Thanks for the offer Joanne. Any of the Minxes up for an evening writing challenge? Sigh ... what else would I have to do on a Friday night?

  7. Well done on getting those revisions done for WRP, Romy. Always such a tough slog to work on revisions.

  8. Sadly Romy what happened to me without me wanting it to happen is the quickest route. My broadband got shut off.
    But my productivity has SOARED>
    Drastic action huh?
    Well done on the revisions
    judy x

  9. Congrats on your revisions. Good luck!!