Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Greenwich - Day 4

Though I'd left the gala dinner reasonably early (and still sober) the night before, it was an effort to drag myself out of bed and back to Queen Anne Court on Saturday morning. I should have planned my holiday for before the conference rather than after, though waking to my first ever book review (and such a fantastic one) did give me some impetus.

Another hot and sunny day began with jay Dixon's talk on Adding Colour to your Novel, which covered exactly that: the meanings and uses of colours, especially important in historicals. jay's tips on making use of colour associations, and carrying a colour through your novel (for example, to represent a secondary character) really stuck with me.

Sadly I then had to miss Nell Dixon's talk on Believable Secondary Characters as I had an appointment to meet the editor from Mills & Boon who requested a new partial from me after last year's Presents contest. (Sadly? I met my editor!) The interview went well, with the editor complimenting the interaction between my hero and heroine, and the dialogue. She also gave me a few points to ponder, so I went away with ideas tumbling through my head.

Then on into Kate Walker's talk on Conflict, which started on a high (See left and you'll know what I mean!). A lot of what Kate covered wasn't new to me, but it's an important topic and always worth reiterating. Best of all, coming on the heels of my editor appointment, what Kate shared with us helped to resolve the jumble in my head.

Lunch was followed by a talk by various Mills&Boon editors on 'How to increase your Page Turning Quality in the 21st Century'. Sounds like a mouthful, but really the gist was simple: they're looking for fresh voices and fresh ideas. The insight given into the new directions their contemporary lines are taking was very exciting so it was an inspirational hour.

Imogen Howson's talk on publisher Samhain (pronounced exactly as it's written and not with the original Gaelic pronunciation) was equally inspirational, as much because of Imogen's enthusiasm and encouragement as the idea of an author-friendly publisher hungry for stories and going places.

Liz Fenwick and Kate Johnson's chat about Social Media and how to use it for promotion was a delightful end to the day, informative but not too much on top of the saturation of information in my head.

My co-Minxes and I then got so caught up in chatting that we arrived a little late at the evening barbecue where we carried on chatting ... and we carried on chatting back in our accommodation long after the barbecue. I still find it amazing that we hit it off just as well in person as we had on-line.

Below are Minxes Lorraine and Jo with Romance writer Nina Harrington at the barbecue.

PS: I neglected to mention that I managed to spill champagne all over my dinner companions at the gala. Sorry, ladies!


  1. Nice post, Romy. Hadn't realised you were a Minx. I enjoyed meeting Lorraine.

  2. Aargh, what an awful pic of me! But thanks to the lovely Nina for buying Jo and me a drink :-)

    Hope you're enjoying your holiday Romy, it was lovely to meet you in person!

  3. What a lovely pic Romy but we need one with you in it! It was a pleasure to meet you and good luck with your future submission

  4. Just wanted to say congratulations on your 4 1/2 review at RT! Caroline x

  5. Great post, Romy - and I second Caroline, well done on the reveiw.


  6. Fab post, Romy!

    Isn't that a great photograph of Imogen? So sharp, especially for an indoors shot. Well done.

    Can't decide if I'm sad or immensely relieved that no RNA bloggers seem to have got any pictures of me, lol.


  7. Lovely post, Romy. Thanks so much for sharing and congrats on the incredible review!

  8. If you want my notes from my workshop drop me an email - addy on my website

  9. You are most welcome and it was lovely to meet up in such splendid surroundings. I do look as though I am trying to force alcohol onto Lorraine and Jo while actually they were cool soft drinks! Thanks for posting the photo and hope you are having a lovely holiday.

  10. Thanks and hi to everyone who commented.

    Jane - there are some very glam pictures of you over on the RNA blog!