Friday, September 10, 2010

Blogfest and New Voices

This weekend my other half (literally!) is participating in Blogfest 2010 over at There are prizes galore for blog visitors, and Rae is also giving away a DVD to one lucky folllower.

Congratulations to the 160 brave people who have already submitted their contest entries to New Voices. It's becoming very addictive reading! I'd also like to shout out "well done!" to Lorraine Wilson, the first Minx to enter so far. You can read Lorraine's fab entry, In Too Deep, here.


  1. Go Lorraine :). I'm loving the new blog background Romy!

  2. Lorraine is so brave isn't she? I'm still messing around with the idea for my entry! Hope you've managed to get more of your fab entry 'onto paper' so to speak.

    Speak later x