Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where I work - Part 2

This is the office where I spend most of my days. I don't get much writing done on the day job, but this is where I read blogs, do my research and email endlessly to all my wonderful writing friends.

I'm in the building on the left:

The offices are glass boxes with screeded concrete floors, so not the most pleasant place to be mid-winter!

And my current desk (we tend to play musical chairs, depending on which project we're working on at any given moment).


  1. So, you hot desk. I ought to really because I acquire so much STUFF it's disgusting and my workspace is about 10 square inches, the rest is covered in paper and goodness knows what. Like the sofa and the squishy cushions in the background, now that's MY kind of workspace!

  2. Hi Romy :) I'd love to have a couch in my workplace...well, technically I do, but it's common knowledge among staff not to sit on if we value our safety! I don't think it's had springs since the early '90s. But I can picture you curled up on the couch, blogging and emailing in your lunch break.