Monday, September 26, 2011

Exciting Moments

I'll publish my September Challenge update here tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I'd share one of my favourite writing moments with you. It's that moment when something just 'clicks' in a story, taking you in a whole new, exciting direction.

I've been struggling with a scene in my ST novel in which my heroine, Vivian, goes out on a boating trip with one of the heroes. I've written this scene in three different ways, placed it in different places in the manuscript, and still it wasn't quite working. I know this scene still has its place, but it needed something more.

That something more happened at about 11pm last night. Suddenly my heroine did something that took me completely by surprise, and everything just clicked into place. I won't give details as I'd hate to spoil the surprise before this story is even published, but clearly Vivian has a way better grasp on this story than I do, and knew exactly what was missing!

The boating scene, now nicely slotting in after this new plot twist, no longer feels like it's lacking.

Has this happened to you?


  1. Sounds fabulous Romy!!! I WISH this would happen to me right now :)

  2. ooh! that sounds really intriging... hope I'm going to get a chance to read it before you sub!

  3. I'd like it to happen for me too right now. I can't wait to read the finished product!

  4. Yes! I love that! I'm still in the process of planning my next story, but just couldn't get past this one scene. I wanted my heroine to be at the hero's house, because her conflict will demand that she leave before anything can happen (if you get my drift). But there was nothing there to make it an emotional exit. Then, BAM the other night she told me exactly what would push her out that door!
    Glad you had an Exciting Moment too, Romy :)