Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tortuga - the cursed island of 'The Trouble with Mojitos'

In The Trouble with Mojitos, my heroine Kenzie is a film location scout desperate to photograph the island of Tortuga in the fictional island group of Los Pajaros - but no-one has stepped foot on the island in several centuries. Something about a curse...

From the day I conceived this island, I knew it had to be named for the sea turtles (read the book and you'll understand why). Since Los Pajaros is owned by my fictional Germanic kingdom of Westerwald, a German or Dutch name seemed a good idea. But Schildkröte or Zeeschildpad don't exactly roll off the tongue.

Enter Google Translate. 

The moment I saw the Spanish translation of 'Turtle' I knew I had my island's name. But Tortuga is already a  popular name in the Caribbean (Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Ecuador all have islands with this name) and there's also Isle de la Tortue off Haiti. Not to mention that fans of Pirates of the Caribbean are sure to recognise the name...

But as my hero Rik would say, "sod them all!" I like the name, so I'm keeping it.

Englishman's Bay, Tobago by Denni Schnapp
My Isla Tortuga is a large island, uninhabited except by parrots and monkeys, densely forested, with pristine white beaches, waterfalls and rivers, and almost completely encircled by a protective coral reef.
Paradise, right? Kenzie thinks so, but Rik's not so sure. He wonders if the famous curse might be the real reason for his exile.

What is the curse, I hear you ask?
Read the prologue of The Trouble with Mojitos to find out.

Can the curse be broken?
It can, but you'll have to wait for Book 3 to find out how...

El Limon Waterfall in the Dominican Republic from

The Trouble with Mojitos

Turquoise blue waters. Sandy white beaches. Mojitos...
Film location scout Kenzie Cole has found herself in paradise. Working in the Caribbean for a week is just what she needs to escape the long line of exes in her closet. Though the last thing she expects is to be picked up at the resort bar by a disgraced former Prince!

Luckily for Kenzie, exile is suiting the man formerly known as Prince Fredrik very well. And it’s not long before his rugged, pirate charm is proving hard to resist.

But Rik’s been spending his time in paradise exorcising demons of his own and he has danger written all over him. If Kenzie was sensible she’d run a mile instead of lose herself to lust - although, they do say sometimes you have to get lost before you can be found...

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let's play a game...

The possibilities are endless. This could be anywhere in the world - where do you think it could be? And what lies waiting at the top of the stairs?
Let's have a little fun, exercise our imaginations and throw out some possibilities...

Bonaire photo by Greg Johnston available from