Thursday, February 22, 2018

Now that's my kind of movie!

If you've been to a movie theatre in the last five years, and you're a woman, chances are you shook your head and asked "but what is there for me to watch?" Unless you're into paying an arm and a leg to watch Superhero Movie #183 or Fast & Furious #800, the answer is "nothing"! (Well, except Star Wars, but seriously, who doesn't want to watch Star Wars?) I remember a time when my local cineplex used to offer 'Girls Night Out' themed evenings. They haven't done that in ages.

Hollywood says they don't make movies for women because women don't go to the movies. I beg to differ. Women don't go to the movies because Hollywood doesn't make movies that women want to watch.

Instead, it's been left to TV networks to make the kind of movies women want to see, mostly the Hallmark and Lifetime channels. I'm not ashamed to say I love Hallmark movies. Yes, they're schmaltzy and low budget (after all, they are made for TV rather than big screens), and sometimes the scripts and acting are cringe-worthy, but they have all the feel good emotions of the romance novels I love.

Clearly I'm not alone in this. According to the Washington Post, more people watched Hallmark's The Christmas Train than went to the cinema to see the new big budget Murder on the Orient Express. Hallmark's holiday movies are so popular that last year the company made 33 of them!
(The freelance film crew member inside me rejoices, as that meant paying work for 33 film crews!)

This last Christmas, Netflix also joined the fray with their original movie A Christmas Prince. This movie is completely far-fetched, hugely derivative, and is a complete cheese fest. (And clearly Netflix couldn't afford researchers who could tell them that Europeans don't speak with English accents, or that the aristocratic titles they used for the fictional country Aldovia are real towns in England). But so what if it contains the corniest plot lines and dialogue of all time? Viewers are loving it!

Hollywood, take note: viewers are so starved for happy and romantic movies, they'll even binge watch an incredibly cheesy Christmas movie.

A Christmas Prince has all the feel good factor of a romance novel, and a guaranteed happy ending, and as the Washington Post article pointed out, the world is a dark enough place right now that we all crave something light and happy. Best of all, it's not only women who are watching!

If, like me, you're a dedicated romance reader and you'd love to see your favourite romance novels brought to the screen (but you'd prefer them without a side order of cheese) then I've got great news for you! But you'll need to check back here next week to find out what it is...